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Nutriment Frozen Raw Beef Cat Food

Nutriment Frozen Raw Beef Cat Food

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Nutriment's beef formula for cats contains high-quality raw beef, chicken and nutrient dense superfoods to provide essential nutrition for healthy and happy cats. Our carefully selected ingredients are biologically appropriate, easily digestible and great-tasting to provide maximum feeding enjoyment as well as promoting optimal feline health.

Our beef formula is free from grains, fillers, additives and preservatives, which are commonly found in commercial cat food, and can be harmful for cats to consume. Nutriment's commitment to raw feeding and BARF principles ensures that the premium ingredients in our beef formula for cats are natural, raw and high-quality to maintain their original nutritional profile.

  • Human Grade Quality Ingredients

  • Made in the UK

  • Recyclable Packaging


British Beef Heart 63%, British Chicken with Bone (dressed carcasses) 30%, (British Beef Kidney, British Beef Liver 6%), Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Analytical Constituents:

  • Moisture: 63.2%

  • Protein: 17.2%

  • Fat: 13.6%,

  • Ash (inorganic matter): 2.8%

  • Fibre:0.5%

  • Taurine: 871 mg/kg

  • Omega-3 fatty acid mg/100g 2.99

  • Omega-6 fatty acid mg/100g 0.91

  • Calcium: 0.602%

  • Phosphorus: 0.529%

  • Sodium: 0.1%

  • Potassium: 0.41%

  • Vitamin A IU/100g: 365

  • Vitamin C mg/100g: 1.1

  • Vitamin D IU/100g: 19

  • Vitamin E mg/100g: 1.66

  • B6 mg/100g: 0.1

  • B12 mcg/100g: 3.0

  • Calcium / Phosphorus ratio: 1.13/1

Useful Information

  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients

  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids

  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated

  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed

  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

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