Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Firework Season

Keeping pets safe and happy during the fireworks season is a challenge for many pet owners. Pets often respond with fear and anxiety when subjected to loud noises and flashing lights. The smell of gunpowder, strange smells in the air, and the sounds of explosions can be frightening for pets, especially indoor cats that have no place to escape from these scary sights and sounds. Pets left outdoors may run away in panic or try to find a hidden place from which they cannot escape. Others may become aggressive because of stress and an instinctive desire to avoid danger. However, you can take some steps to help keep your pets safe this firework season:

Do not leave your pets outdoors unattended

One of the most important things you can do to keep your pets safe this firework season is to not leave them outdoors unattended. This means that if you have an outdoor cat or a dog, they should be brought inside before the fireworks begin. If you have an indoor cat, make sure the windows are closed and use a radio to play calming music.

Be aware of signs of stress in your pet

Some warning signs of stress in pets may be increased panting, drooling, pacing, and hiding. Be aware of signs of stress in your pet and take necessary precautions.

Provide a safe place for your pet to retreat

If your pet is afraid of fireworks, provide a safe place for him or her to retreat. A sheltered area with a door is ideal. If there is no room indoors, try an outdoor area under the porch or deck, in the basement, or in an enclosed garage. Provide familiar items Many pets respond well to providing items that are familiar and calming such as blankets, stuffed animals, favorite toys and treats. These items may help reduce anxiety and fear in many animals.

Distract your pet with enrichment activities

One of the best ways to keep your pet safe this firework season is to distract them with enrichment activities. Enrichment activities are fun and interesting games or toys that stimulate your pet's mind. They help with boredom, stress relief, and even help promote healthy behaviors like hunting prey. Some examples of enrichment activities include puzzle feeders, treat-dispensing toys, interactive food toys, and edible treats that are hidden around the house for your pet to find.

Make Sure Your Pets Are Microchipped

It is important to make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing proper identification. This includes making sure all the contact information on the chip is up-to-date and that the pet wears an ID tag or collar.

Make sure your pets are wearing ID and have collars.

One of the most important safety steps you can take to keep your pets safe is to make sure they are wearing identification and have a collar on. This is for two reasons: one, if your pet gets lost, rescuers will be able to return them to you. Two, if your pet becomes aggressive or runs away from home due to the fireworks, people will be able to contact you and help find your pet.

Play soothing music

One way to help keep your pets calm during the fireworks season is to play soothing music that will drown out the sound of fireworks. Music has a calming effect on animals, so playing it in the background can help minimize their stress. Some people use white noise to mask outside noise and simulate a sense of security. White noise apps are available on smartphones and computers, so you can download one and play it on loop while your pets are home this holiday season.

Use a calming remedy to relax your pet

Cats, in particular, can be extremely sensitive to the loud booms and flashes of fireworks. One way to help your cat feel safe is with natural calming remedies like Beaphar Cat comfort or Feliway. These products work by mimicking pheromones that cats naturally produce to reduce their stress levels and make them feel comfortable. These remedies have been proven to have a calming effect on cats.

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