Subscription Service

World of Pets - Subscription Service Terms & Conditions

These supplemental terms & conditions (“Additional Terms”) apply to the World of Pets Delivery Subscription Service (“Subscribe & Save”). Our Terms & Conditions together with these Additional Terms govern your participation in our Subscription Delivery Service (your “subscribe & save order”) and together constitute the entire agreement between you, the pet owner (“you” or “your”) and World of Pets in relation to our Subscription Service.

These Terms are important and we strongly advise that you read through them carefully and keep them in a safe place so that you can refer to them in the future. By applying to participate in Subscribe & Save, or by placing an order through the Subscription Delivery Service, you confirm your acceptance of both our Terms & Conditions and the Additional Terms.

19.1 Subscription Delivery Service
19.1.1 Your subscribe & save scheme is with World of Pets, 157 Cowley Drive, BN2 6TE (“World of Pets” or “we” or “us” or “our”).

19.1.2 Subscribe & Save is only available through the website.

19.1.3 Subscribe & Save applies to certain products sold by World of Pets as indicated on the Website (“Product” or “Products”). The Products available under subscription at any given time may change without notice. You should check the website for details of Products available for purchase through our subscribe & save service.

19.1.4 By subscribing to subscribe & save, you are entitled to a discount off the then-current purchase price of the product for regularly scheduled deliveries of Product. This discount is Product specific and is identified on the detail page for each Product. The applicable discount maybe updated by us at any time without notice.

19.1.5 Subscribe & save is available to UK residents aged 18 and over only.

19.2 How to sign up

19.2.1 To sign up to our subscription service, you need an account to register for and purchase items through subscribe & save. You can register for an account with us here.

19.2.2 Your subscribe & save delivery service is personal to you and you may not assign or transfer your subscribe & save delivery scheme or any of the benefits associated with subscribe & save to any third party.

19.2.3 You may only use subscribe & save for household purposes. Customers purchasing Products for business use or for resale purposes may not use our subscription service and we reserve the right to cancel any business orders without notice. Subject to availability, there is no upper limit on the number of different Products you may subscribe to under the service.

19.2.4 To sign up to Subscribe & Save, select the ‘Subscribe & Save’ option when you make your Product selection and follow the instructions on the Website to confirm your preferred delivery schedule and payment method. You will receive an email from us acknowledging your order (“Acknowledgement Email”). You should check this email for accuracy and let us know immediately if there are any errors. You may change your email address for these purposes by editing them in your account page after logging into your account on the Website. Please note that the Acknowledgement Email does not mean that your order has been accepted.

19.2.5 Product details (including price, discount and availability) may change over time and each Product (order will be subject to the then applicable subscription and Product details. We recommend that you regularly check the Website for details of Products included in subscribe & save (including applicable price, discount and availability).

19.2.6 Once you have signed up to regular deliveries for a subscribe & save Product, Products will be ordered and delivered automatically at the delivery frequency chosen by you at the time of making your subscription order (each an “Instalment”). Unless you wish to change your subscribe & save scheme, no further action is required by you.

19.2.7 Before each subscribe & save product order is despatched to you, you will receive an email confirming that we are preparing your order (“Advanced Notification Email”). The Advanced Notification Email is sent 7 days prior to the intended delivery date of your Instalment and will include details of your Instalment and instructions for how you can cancel or amend the Instalment if you wish to do so. You will have 3 days from the date of the Advanced Notification Email to cancel or amend the Instalment. After expiry of this period, assuming that you have not cancelled the Instalment, you will be sent a further email confirming your order (“Order Confirmation Email”). Payment for your Instalment will be taken by your chosen payment method at the time of issue of the Order Confirmation Email. You will also be sent an e-mail at the address associated with your account confirming to you that we have despatched the subscription product to you ("Despatch Confirmation").

19.2.8 Each Instalment constitutes a separate offer from you to purchase Product. Each Instalment will benefit from the subscribe & save discount associated with that product at the time of us preparing your Instalment. The contract for each Instalment shall be concluded when the product is despatched to you and you receive a Despatch Confirmation.

19.3 Product Availability & Discontinued Products
19.3.1 If any Product is not available either generally or due to it having been discontinued or removed as an subscribe & save Product, we reserve the right to amend your subscription order to include a suitable replacement (including alternative bag sizes). You will be notified of any change. If you do not wish to accept this replacement or continue with your Instalment or your Subscription, you may amend your Instalment or subscribe & save order or cancel your subscribe & save scheme in accordance with these Additional Terms.

19.3.2 Please contact us if you are not happy with the substitute subscribe & save Product you receive.

19.3.3 In the event the subscription Product you have ordered is out of stock or discontinued, our Customer Services team will contact you to discuss your options.

19.4 Cancellation or Modification of your subscribe & save order
19.4.1 Once you have applied for the subscription delivery Service or placed an order for the subscribe & save Products, your scheme will continue unless or until it is cancelled or modified by either of us in accordance with these Additional Terms.

19.4.2 You may cancel or modify your subscribe & save scheme at any time by updating the Repeat Delivery Service Orders page of the Website. Cancellation or modification will not affect Product orders for which you have already received a Despatch Confirmation.

19.4.3 If you cancel your subscribe & save scheme, you will only be charged for the Product orders despatched to you and no further orders or Instalments for that Product will be despatched by us.

19.4.4 We retain the right to cancel your subscribe & save scheme at any time. If your subscribe & save scheme is cancelled, you will be notified and you will only be charged for Product orders for which you have already received a Despatch Confirmation.

19.4.5 Following any cancellation, if you reactivate your subscribe & save scheme, the discount applicable to your reactivated subscribe & save product may not be the same discount that was in effect prior to cancellation. The new discount will be applied to your future orders of Product.

19.4.6 If any problem arises with your delivery address opted payment method, which we are unable to address, we will notify you via e-mail using the e-mail address associated with your subscribe & save scheme and any Instalment or subscription scheme will be automatically placed on hold. No additional Product orders will be processed or despatched until the problem is resolved.

19.5 Delivery
19.5.1 You may choose and amend your chosen delivery schedule at any time by editing the frequency option in the your account section of the website.

19.5.2 You may choose to skip a delivery of an Instalment at any time prior to us issuing an Order Confirmation Email by choosing the ‘Skip Delivery’ option in the 'Your Account' page of the Website.

19.5.3 Standard delivery of Products subject to any subscribe & save scheme is free to any UK Mainland address (As long as the minimum order value for free delivery is met at checkout). Availability to non-UK Mainland addresses may be restricted and charges may apply. 

19.5.4 If you change your address, you must update your address details in the 'Your Account' section of the Website to ensure the Instalment is sent to the correct address. We do not accept liability for any failure of Product to be delivered to you in circumstances where you have provided incorrect delivery address details or failed to update your delivery address details.

19.5.5 Please report any lost products by contacting us within 7 days of expected delivery.

19.6 Price, Payment and Application of Discounts
19.6.1 For each Instalment, you will be charged the current list price (including VAT where applicable) of each Product on the day your order is processed, as detailed in the Order Confirmation, less the applicable discount to be applied to that subscribe & save Product.

19.6.2 The Product discount you receive will be the discount applicable to the Product at the time your order is processed, as detailed in the Order Confirmation. Temporary discounts and time limited or special offers only apply to Product orders placed while that discount or offer is available. Please note that subscribe & save cannot be provided in conjunction with any other offer. Offers available at the time of delivery such as ‘buy one, get one free’ and ‘3 for 2’ are not applicable to subscribe & save.

19.6.3 By subscribing to our subscription delivery service, you agree that we will charge you for all Instalments of your subscribe & save scheme until cancelled.

19.6.4 The price of each subscribe & save Product order will be charged to the payment method used to create your subscription order. If we are unable to complete your Product order using the payment method you used to create your subscribe & save order or otherwise indicated by you, you authorise us to update your subscription order with another payment method we have on record for you and to charge that payment method for your Product order. If we do not have another payment method on record for you or are unable to charge any payment method we have on record for you for your subscribe & save Product orders, your subscribe & save scheme will be cancelled.

19.6.5 We will take payment for the first Instalment of your chosen subscribe & save Product when you first subscribe to subscribe & save. Subsequent payments will be deducted from your chosen payment method on issue of an Order Confirmation Email to you..

19.6.6 If your subscribe & save scheme is cancelled for any reason you shall be liable to pay us for all Instalments of Product subject to an Order Confirmation. If the cancellation of your subscribe & save scheme occurs before issue by us of an Order Confirmation, you will not be charged for that Instalment. You must pay all charges until your subscribe & save scheme is cancelled in accordance with these Additional Terms. We will not refund charges paid or payable by you except in the case of our administrative error or as otherwise provided for in these Additional Terms.

19.7 Limitation of Liability
19.7.1 Without prejudice to the limitation of liability set out in our Terms & Conditions and to the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, our liability to you in connection with Your Subscription will not in any circumstances exceed the amount of the charges actually paid by you in connection with the Instalment subject to the relevant claim or dispute.

19.7.2 Nothing in these Additional Terms is intended to limit or exclude your statutory rights as a consumer.

19.7.3 We shall not be liable for any banking charge incurred in connection with your selected payment method.

19.7.4 We do not guarantee the availability of any Product.

19.7.5 Nothing in this paragraph is intended to restrict or exclude our liability for fraud, death or personal injury to any person caused by our negligence, or otherwise exclude any liability which may not be excluded by law.

19.8 Returns
19.8.1 If you wish to return an subscribe & save Product or Products, please refer to our Returns Policy.

19.9 Complaints & Customer Services
If you have any cause for complaint connected with your Subscription, please contact us

19.10 Privacy Policy
19.10.1 The use of your personal data is subject to our Privacy Policy. You can access our Privacy Policy here.

19.11 Your Responsibilities
19.11.1 If your personal details change, you must notify us of such changes immediately.

19.11.2 You are responsible for informing us if your pet is sensitive or allergic to Product and for ensuring the information you give us about you and your pet is accurate and up to date.

19.12 General Terms & Conditions
19.12.1 These Additional Terms are subject to English law. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with these Terms or the subscribe & save delivery service, the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute.

19.12.2 These Additional Terms supplement, and should be read in conjunction with, our general Terms & Conditions. If any term in these Additional Terms conflicts with the Terms & Conditions, these Additional Terms will prevail.

19.12.3 Failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.

19.12.4 If any provision of these Additional Terms or any provisions of any contract between us are found to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable by a court to any extent, such provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining provisions, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

19.12.5 We may assign, charge or transfer any of our rights or subcontract any of our obligations under these Additional Terms or any contract to any third party at any time.

19.12.6 You may not assign, charge or transfer any of your rights or subcontract any of your obligations under these Additional Terms and/or any contract between us except with our specific prior written permission in writing.

19.13 Amendments to these Additional Terms
We reserve the right to amend these Additional Terms from time to time for any reason including for legal or regulatory reasons or to allow the proper operation of the subscribe & save Delivery Service. Any such amendment may be made by way of updating these Additional Terms and posting the amended Additional Terms on the Website. Your continued participation in the subscribe & save Delivery Service constitutes your acceptance of those amendments. If you do not agree to any changes to these Additional Terms, you must cancel your subscribe & save scheme. Details on how to cancel your subscribe & save scheme are included in these Additional Terms.