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Burns Dried Beef Tendons

Burns Dried Beef Tendons

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Treat your Doggy to the satisfying and flavourful experience of Dried Beef Tendons. These natural chews are made from high-quality beef tendons, providing your dog with a long-lasting and delicious chewing sensation.

Dried Beef Tendons are the perfect choice for dogs who love a good chew. With their chewy texture, these treats help promote dental health by supporting your dog's natural instinct to chew, while also providing a source of entertainment and mental stimulation.

Made from 100% beef tendons, these treats are free from additives or fillers, ensuring a pure and wholesome snacking experience for your pup. They are high in protein, which supports muscle development, and low in fat, making them a healthier alternative to other treats.


100% Beef Tendons

Analytical Constituents:

Protein: 72.4%, Fat: 15.1%, Moisture: 15.1%, Ash: 1.4%


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