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Buster Soft Foam Vet Collar For Dogs & Cats

Buster Soft Foam Vet Collar For Dogs & Cats

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An alternative to the rigid plastic collars for your Doggy's protection.
Buster Snug collars offer comfortable protection while recovering from surgery or minor injuries, in addition to restricting excessive licking, biting, or chewing.

This soft and flexible lightweight collar made from EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate) ensures comfortable protection for the dog during recovery.
The inside and outside waterproof ripstop layer prevent claws from tearing the collar.

  • Soft reflective bindings for extra visibility
  • Touch fastener for tight closure and easy removal
  • Elastic inner straps for secure neck collar fastening
  • Machine-washable

These non-rigid opaque collars provide a den-like place for the dog and together with the soft and flexible materials they offer stressless comfort also when resting.

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