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Almo Nature Ecological Cat litter Clumping Biodegradable

Almo Nature Ecological Cat litter Clumping Biodegradable

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Almo Nature Cat Litter is one of our top selling Cat Litters. It is made from natural vegetable fibres that clump together quickly, allowing you to dispose of unwanted litter quickly and efficiently with minimal waste of litter.

It clumps so quickly that the litter only clumps on the top layer which saves you litter and money. Almo Nature Cat Litter dissolves when it comes into contact with water, meaning that you can simply flush this litter down your toilet.

The fine nature of this Cat litter makes it soft on your Cats paws and also reduces tracking around the house. The speed of the clumping ensures odour is locked away faster than most Cat litters. It truly is one of the best Cat Litters around and one small bag should last a Cat between 4 - 5 weeks on average.

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