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Catsan Ultra Clump Cat Litter

Catsan Ultra Clump Cat Litter

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It’s easier to keep your cat’s litter tray clean and dry with Catsan Ultra Plus Litter. Made with very fine clay granules, the litter absorbs liquid to form small, compact clumps that can be removed every day along with solids, leaving the rest of the tray clean and dry. That means fewer odours, and no need to replace the whole litter tray as often. Plus, our de-dusting process means it’s 99% dust free!

How it works..

The combination of high-quality Bentonite and fine granulation means only about 60ml of Catsan Ultra plus litter is needed to bind 30ml of urine into one clump.

In other words, it’s highly efficient, long-lasting and designed to keep odours at bay.

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