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Kong Cat Laser Pointer Toy

Kong Cat Laser Pointer Toy

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KONG Cat Laser Pointer Toy

Kong Cat Laser Pointer is a cat toy designed to help entertain the inner hunter of your cat. With relatives such as the Cheetah, Tiger, Lion and Leopard, your cat is built to hunt! Turn their hunting instinct into playtime with the Kong Cat Laser Pointer.
It throws out the pointed light that attracts your cat and is featured with a clip which makes it convenient to store and use. The replaceable battery makes it a durable product.
Playing with your cat with this laser pointer can be hilarious. Point the laser on the floor or wall and see them trying to catch the pointed light. The laser light is irresistible for a cat and gives them an interactive playing session. Like this, it also helps your cats to stay fit and get some exercise.
At the end of the playing session, make sure you reward your cat with its favourite treat so that it can stay motivated to catch the pointed light. This also helps your cat to satisfy its feeling of a successful hunt. Clean this cat toy with a damp cloth and regular inspection is required to check for any damages.

Why should I buy this toy for my Cat?

  • Satisfy your cat’s hunting nature
  • Helps cat to stay healthy and fit
  • Provide interactive playing session
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