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Mikki Hygiene Pants - Large

Mikki Hygiene Pants - Large

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The Mikki Dog Hygiene Pant are designed to provide protection to female dogs on heat while avoiding messy clean-ups for you.

The Mikki Dog Hygiene Pants are a comfortable solution for your female dog whilst in season and can also help to save your furniture, carpets and clothing from accidents and staining.

The pants are easy-fit with an adjustable elastic waist strap and snap-lock buckle. The stretch nylon ensures a comfortable fit with stretch-stitched tail hole for happy wagging tails. The pants are re-usable with replacement pads (sold separately).

The Mikki Dog Hygiene Pants are not for prolonged use. Always supervise wearing. Do not fasten the buckle in places where the dog moves, this may cause unease and distress. Continue to check the product and your dog to ensure the product is fitted correctly and is not causing chafing.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

Small: Suitable for small breeds with a waist size of 28-39cm such as Jack Russell, Cavalier Spaniel and Minature Poodle

Medium: Suitable for medium breeds with a waist size of 37-46cm such as Beagle, Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel

Large: Suitable for large breeds with a waist size of 45-58cm such as German Shepherd, Labrador and Boxer

X Large: Suitable for extra large breeds with a waist size of 58-70cm such as Rottweiler, Great Dane and St Bernard.

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