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Pet Fresh Woodshavings Bale

Pet Fresh Woodshavings Bale

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This is our best selling woodshavings. Loosely packed into a large bale bag this woodshavings is easy to get out of the bag and the woodshavings are a thicker and better consistency to some of their competitors.

Why are Woodshavings so important?

Wood shavings can be used as bedding material for small animals, such as guinea pigs, and rabbits. They are important for small animals because they provide a comfortable and clean place for them to sleep, play, and relax.

Wood shavings have excellent absorbent properties, which means they can absorb moisture and odours, helping to keep the small animal's living area clean and dry. This can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that could cause health issues for the animal.

In addition, wood shavings can help to prevent small animals from developing foot sores or other injuries from walking on hard surfaces, such as wire or plastic flooring. The soft and cushioned texture of the wood shavings provides a more comfortable surface for them to move around on.

It's important to choose high-quality wood shavings that are free from harmful chemicals or toxins and that have been specifically processed for use as bedding for small animals. Some types of wood, such as cedar and pine, can release aromatic compounds that can be harmful to small animals if they are inhaled in large quantities, so it's best to avoid these types of wood shavings.

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