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The Wild Antler Company - Half / Split Antlers

The Wild Antler Company - Half / Split Antlers

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Introducing The Wild Antler Co Half / Split Antlers - the ultimate choice for dog owners seeking a delectable and nutritious chew experience. Our expertly halved antlers expose the irresistible marrow core, packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc for optimal health benefits.

Our split elk antlers are perfect for various dogs:

  • Ideal for new chewers and teething puppies, providing an enticing introduction to chewing.
  • Gentle on senior dogs and those with dental issues, offering an enjoyable chew without straining teeth.
  • Supports oral health by massaging gums and aiding in plaque and tartar removal.
  • Appeals to selective chewers and nibblers, with an enticing flavour and long-lasting entertainment.

While split antlers may not last as long as whole chews, their combination of flavour, nutrition, and entertainment makes them a fantastic choice. Treat your Dog to The Wild Antler Co Split Antlers and watch them indulge in a satisfying and beneficial chew session.


  • Small 28-50g 
  • Medium 51-80g 
  • Large 81-120g
  • Extra Large 121-160g
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