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Tribal Dental Sticks For Dogs

Tribal Dental Sticks For Dogs

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Scientifically tested to reduce plaque and improve oral health, these chews use a truly innovative active ingredient which is proven to promote dental hygiene.

This ingredient is PhytoDent™, a unique seaweed complex which supports healthy gums and reduces plaque formation.

73% of dogs showed cleaner and shinier teeth within 3 months of using dental sticks enriched with PhytoDent™, which removes existing plaque and prevents its return, whilst also reducing bacteria.

Developed with input from veterinarians, Tribal Dental Sticks use carefully selected natural ingredients, and are also vegan!


Potato, vegetable glycerine, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, peppermint powder, Phytoent™ (seaweed meal 2.6%).

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