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Extra Select Premium Wild Bird Feed

Extra Select Premium Wild Bird Feed

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This feed is bursting with nutrients thanks to a greater list of ingredients, including a high percentage of sunflower hearts - an energy-rich, easily digestible food source for a variety of birds. Suitable all year round, with a high percentage of smaller seeds, this feed is easier for smaller birds to consume.

Best fed from feeder or table.
Complementary food for wild birds may contain nuts
Not intended for human consumption.
Store in a cool. dry place below 14%.


wheat, black sunflower, cut maize, white millet, kibbled spilt peas, red millet seed, niger seed, sunflower hearts, vegetable oil.

Analytical Constituents:

Calorific Value K/Cal 413.4, Protein % 16.9, Fat % 12.92, Starch (Carb)% 60.8, Ash % 2.36

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